Available Products

Brand Description

  • Industrial Air Systems
  • Breathing Air Systems
  • Oil and Gas
  • CNG
  • Nitrogen
  • Plastics Technology
  • GSA/Military
  • Paintball / Less-Lethal Law Enforcement
  • Public Safety

Our mission at BAUER COMPRESSORS INC. is to provide the highest quality products and solutions for high pressure air and gas, geared towards industrial and breathing air applications. We are committed to use the latest technology, best materials, most qualified human resources and the most efficient fabrication techniques. As a result, our equipment solutions offer superior performance along with best value, which are delivered on time, defect free and are supported to achieve their maximum potential throughout their entire lifecycle.


We are a customer centric organization where our long term growth and success is directly tied to the long term growth and success of our customers. This means that we must add true long lasting value to their businesses through our products and services in accordance with the following four key elements:

  • Provide Superior Performance = products which meet the exact requirements of our customers and which outperform any other competing products on the market.
  • Provide Best Value = product with the lowest overall cost of ownership in the long term.
  • Provide Excellence in Execution = delivering our products on-time, as promised, defect free.
  • Provide Lifecycle Performance = supporting our customers to achieve the maximum potential out of our equipment for as long as they own it.


If we execute our strategy effectively, we will become a trusted, strategic business partner with proven value to our customers, which in turn will lead to a long term business relationship with repeat business over many decades. Furthermore, we will expand our customer base and market share due to our stellar reputation of being the best. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.

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