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Schaffhausen, September 3, 2020/Business Wire – Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced the Garmin CatalystÔ, a groundbreaking, real-time coaching tool and driving performance optimiser set apart from any other GPS lap timer or data system the motorsports industry has ever experienced. Garmin Catalyst mounts in the cockpit1 of a track car to gather performance data and provide real-time audible coaching to help drivers achieve their full driving potential on the track. As soon as a driver completes a road course session, the Garmin Catalyst delivers instant-gratification with immediate session analysis showing users the biggest areas of gain right on the device’s display – no need to download data, configure graphs, or invest considerable time interpreting data. The on-track coaching and off-track data insights from Garmin Catalyst are aimed at optimising track performance to benefit drivers of all levels.


Garmin credits a group of motorsports enthusiasts within the company, known as the Garmin Pit Crew, for delving into their passion to help create this industry-first optimiser. The international pit crew is comprised of Garmin employees with a shared interest in motorsports and varied expertise within high performance driving.

“The True Optimal LapÔ feature on Catalyst is truly a gamechanger,” said Adam Spence, Garmin product manager and Garmin Pit Crew team lead. “Until now, the industry standard for theoretical fastest lap has been to split each lap into a number of sectors. Then take the fastest time from each sector and add it up to generate the user’s theoretical fastest lap. The problem is, based on the laws of physics, the suggested lap time can be unachievable. Catalyst is different. It gathers several data metrics and identifies where laps can be seamlessly joined together to create the fastest racing line. This shows users their fastest achievable time based on lines actually driven and gives them an optimal lap they can truly achieve.”

In addition to the True Optimal Lap feature, the innovative feature-set also introduces new True Track PositioningÔ technology designed to generate a car’s racing line on the track using a robust combination of built-in accelerometers, image processing, and 10 Hz multi-GNSS positioning. The included Remote Cam accessory captures 1080p HD video which can be played back on the Garmin Catalyst device with time-synced overlays showing speed, lap data, and more. While on the track and without any device interaction, the Garmin Catalyst will allow drivers to hear real-time coaching cues when using a compatible headset2, or by streaming through the car’s stereo via BluetoothÒ technology. The audio cues occur before and after corners, delivering immediate feedback such as early or late apex decisions without having to wait until the end of the lap.

The process of downloading and interpreting data can present challenges for novice and professional performance drivers alike. The Garmin Catalyst has revolutionised this experience by offering users automatic and immediate on-device data analysis. Once a session is completed, drivers can use the touchscreen to instantly review in-depth performance data and view areas for improvement. In conjunction with saving time, users will also eliminate the daunting guesswork that comes with analysing cumbersome data provided in the form of squiggly lines. If drivers wish to access their performance data when they are away from their Garmin Catalyst device, data summaries are also accessible from a mobile device or computer using Garmin ConnectÔ.

Additionally, Garmin Catalyst provides valuable performance metrics including best lap time, delta time, number of laps and session time. Adaptive suggestions also help inform users on how to better optimise their time on the track. Furthermore, a preloaded global track database makes it convenient to use the device on road courses around the world.

The Garmin Catalyst can be securely mounted inside the cockpit of a track car with the included heavy-duty suction cup or the screw-down mount. To learn more visit

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