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Under water lighting

  • Gobe Family
  • Sola Dive Family

Light & Motion designs, manufactures, and sells consumer products that use cutting-edge technology and innovative design to meet both the recognized and unrecognized needs of our customers. One principle guides all we do: our products, and our personal interactions, should enhance the lives of our customers. Further, we vehemently support our customers and products by creating an organization that exemplifies and embraces the ideals of quality and trust.

Our lights are designed and built right here on Cannery Row overlooking North America’s Largest Marine Sanctuary in Monterey, California. Our commitment to building a business grounded on quality, value, resource conservation and community is evident in every aspect of what we do. Even our workspace, which was once a thriving cannery building-turned-evidence of a lifestyle long extinguished, is now a pulsing creative and manufacturing space.

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