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Innovation First

This is our mission. It isn’t just a cool slogan or something an ad agency came up with. It’s our heart and soul. It’s the thread that runs through everything we do. It means that day in, day out, people are thinking, designing, building, and testing the products that make diving better. Our team doesn’t just use our products; they feel responsible for them.

Today, the people of Oceanic have created an innovative environment that our customers – each of you – can count on to offer the diving products and services you need and want at prices you are willing to pay… a company leading the dive industry into the future.

Our commitment does not end when you buy an Oceanic product. Long after the initial sale, we provide prompt and professional after-sales service to keep your gear working well and looking good… for a very long time.

There is no shortage of diving manufacturers that want your business. There is however, a shortage of manufacturers that wake up each day thinking of ways to better serve you. In fact, there’s just one. Read more www.oceanicuk.com


The Oceanic range of BCDs covers everything from rugged UK or other cold water diving to lightweight travel including a BCD specifically designed to offer ladies a much better fit and support during their dive. We pour huge amounts of design and testing time into each and every BCD to ensure they perform to not only oceanic exacting standards but the exceptional high standards that divers expect.


Dive bags are one of those essential pieces of equipment that divers don’t always give enough thought to. Choosing the right bag makes a big difference to convenience and protection of your precious scuba diving equipment. Oceanic range includes lightweight mesh bags that are great as snorkelling or boat bags, dedicated storage bags for drysuits and regulators, holdalls as well as large roller bags.

Dive Computers

Dive computers are an essential piece of scuba diving equipment, helping to keep you safe during your dive and offer greater flexibility and longer bottom dives times compared to decompression tables. The Oceanic range of dive computers offer much more than just this basic functionality and have been developed to make diving easier, safer and more enjoyable by incorporating new technologies and features such as Oceanic Dual Algorithm technology that allows you to choice a decompression algorithm that best suits the type of diving you will be doing.


Drysuits are proudly made entirely in Oceanic UK factory to oceanic exacting standard that ensures each suit is expertly cut, stitched, taped and finished to your specification before being fully pressure tested. We continuously strive to improve the dry suits that we produce by researching, developing and testing new ideas for suit designs and materials that will help to increase the suit characteristics, weight, strength, fit, flexibility and usability of Oceanic drysuits.


Oceanic Fins are designed to deliver power and efficiency by using the latest in technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure high performance and quality. Oceanic range of fins include both full foot and open heel fin types, a variety of blade types including channel and split fin technologies. Full foot fins are ideal for snorkelling or light travel scuba diving as they are much lighter than open heel as they generally do not need to propel as much mass through the water.


Oceanic gauges and consoles are designed to offer easy readability with large bright luminescent dials, clear markers and coloured scales in linear and non-linear formats. The consoles and boots provide excellent protection for the high specification gauges and also make them look good with a few stylish curves. Diving instruments are available in triple, double and single configurations, all of which are covered by Oceanic Lifetime warranty once registered.


The Oceanic range of scuba diving Masks includes everything from compact, lightweight and low profile to larger, more specialised diving and snorkelling masks. Oceanic range includes both framed and frameless styles, each offering key advantages depending on a divers requirements. Certain framed masks, such as the Ion and Ion 4 masks can be fitted with either plus or minus corrective lenses whereas as frameless masks can not but frameless masks, including the very popular Shadow Mask, are lighter and offer a lower internal volume with the ability to fold almost flat making them great as backup masks stowed in a pocket or pouch.


Choosing the best scuba diving regulators is critical for an enjoyable and rewarding dive. The Oceanic range of diving regulators have been designed to deliver high performance regardless of the model you choose. Whether you need a fully balanced and environmentally sealed regulator for cold water diving or something light for travelling with, we will have the perfect regulator for you.


Oceanic Snorkels are designed to be lightweight, low profile but offer an excellent flow rate. The range includes snorkels that pack and fold down small for stowing in divers BCD pockets to feature rich snorkels designed to make snorkelling as convenient and enjoyable as possible. A basic snorkel is simple a straight tube with a silicone curved lower section that angles they tube towards the mouth and finishes with a simple mouthpiece

Spare Air

Spare Air produces redundant air supplies that are ultra compact and designed to provide you with enough air to allow you to surface in an emergency out of air situation. Featuring a choice of small aluminium cylinder sizes, the Spare Air range use a patented balanced one stage regulator system that can be attached to your BCD within easy reach.