Scuba Diving Workshop

The Technicians at AMIT are ASSET (Association of Scuba Service Engineering Technicians) qualified. We can service all your Scuba Equipments from regulators all the way to cylinders and compressors. The highest qualification and standards in the SCUBA Technicians industry is ASSET!

  • World class diving equipment workshop following the highest international standards
  • All technicians have been trained and certified in accordance to ASSET and IDEST standards in repairing all kind of underwater equipment.
  • All stuff technicians frequently update their knowledge and skills by attending equipment repair workshop held in house by manufacturer technicians
  • New quality assurance system in place following military aviation standards
  • New paperless monitoring and quality assurance system in place
  • Diving equipment is life support equipment! We treat it as such ensuring safety and longevity.
  • We only use original manufacturer spare parts.
  • New ANSTI fully computerized regulator testing system ensures regulators are within spec after every repair. Results are kept in record.
  • New record keeping system allows to monitor equipment maintenance requirements for the customer.
  • New, cutting edge technology, air quality analysis system allows to monitor the air quality of the air produced by compressor to a level that was previously only possible in specialized labs. That allows us early problem detection of possible compressor wear safeguarding from possible liability issues, minimizing compressor down time and repair costs.
  • Largest spare parts availability in MENA area
  • Trusted by many UAE and foreign military and public safety agencies for the repair of their diving equipment and the design and construction of their workshops and gas filling and blending stations

Services available

  • Regulator servicing and repair (all major brands)
  • Regulator testing and performance report
  • Compressor repairs, upgrades and air quality testing
  • Cylinder visual and hydro testing
  • Cylinder valve repairs and servicing
  • Cylinder and valve O2 cleaning
  • BCD service, repairs and disinfection
  • O2 and He analyzer service and repair
  • Air filling and gas blending stations design and installation
  • On site repairs (when possible)
  • Equipment pick-up and delivery
  • Dedicated email hotline regarding diving equipment troubleshooting and repair
  • Real time follow up on equipment servicing status


         We constantly expand the range of our services please contact us for any diving equipment related repair or service or to consult us for any of your diving equipment needs.