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10 July 2023

AMIT International Group hosted Dometic Outdoor Product Training

AMIT International Group hosted an informative Dometic Outdoor Product Training from 8th to 11th May 2023.

During the training, industry experts and Dometic representatives provided in-depth presentations on a wide range of Dometic’s marine product lineup, including hydraulic steering systems, Xtreme Power Assist technology, Optimus EPS, and O360 joystick systems. These presentations covered various aspects such as product specifications, functionality, and usage tips.

The participants had the opportunity to explore and interact with the showcased products during hands-on sessions. This allowed them to experience the quality, durability, and innovative features firsthand. They were also able to ask questions and seek clarification directly from the experts, which further enriched their understanding of the products.

In addition to the product-specific sessions, the training also included informative discussions on market trends, customer preferences, and the importance of outdoor product knowledge in the sales process. These discussions aimed to equip participants with the necessary skills to effectively communicate the value and benefits of Dometic’s outdoor products to potential customers.

Speakers and trainers from various divisions attended, fostering engaging discussions and networking opportunities. The training sessions profoundly impacted all participants, empowering them with invaluable hands-on experience and insights.

Overall, the informative Dometic Outdoor Product Training hosted by AMIT International Group was a resounding success. The event not only enhanced participants’ knowledge and understanding of Dometic’s outdoor products but also empowered them to deliver exceptional customer service. By organising such training sessions, AMIT International Group continues to demonstrate its commitment to promoting knowledge and excellence within the industry.